Express Yourself television broadcast is dedicated to support, enrich and encourage local businesses, organizations and Individuals in their efforts and commitment to enhance, enlighten and educate in our communities. This broadcast was first aired in July 2012 on Comcast channel 25 in Dekalb County on Sundays at 8 o’clock p.m.

With distinguished host Dr. Daisy Jones, giving the show a balance of informative impressionable and amusing content with topics ranging from youth forums to men’s issues to music for all ages and a whole lot more.
DeKalb County is included in the five-county core of the Atlanta metropolitan statistical area. It is the third-most-populated county in Metro Atlanta and the state, just behind Gwinnett County. Prior to the 2010 Census, DeKalb County historically ranked second behind Fulton County for many years. It is the most diverse county in Georgia. DeKalb is primarily a suburban county, and is the second-most-affluent county with an African-American majority in the United States. Having success and great ratings for four years we are currently gearing up to expand to a radio and podcast broadcast.

Since the consolidation of the Comcast studio we are currently seeking new studio space as well as broadening our viewership on a different network, currently we have the opportunity to air on Dekalb's community channel as well as our Youtube channel. 
If you are interested in partnering with us please feel free to reach out to us on the contact page. View our rate sheet