Dr. Daisy
Queens out to lunch
Queen Crystal & Dr. Dee
Dr. Dee
Dr. Dee & Teresa Hairston
Dr.Dee at Rice Awards
Dr. Dee w/John Lewis & J.Mohair
Express Yourself Crew
Dr.Dee with Christian Film Makers
Dr. Dee & Actor Clifton Powell
Dr. Dee and Denise Armstrong
Dr Dee
Dr. Daisy Humanitarian Award
EY Gala
Juanita Craft
Express Yourself on location
T-Hop Humanitarian Award
Copelands Restauranteur
Trinity Non-Profit Crew
EY on location
Dr. Dee & T-Hop
Express Yourself Interview Houston E
Q.O.S Women
wakanda women
Q.O.S. on the go
EY TV Show
On Bronzelens Carpet
Dr, Daisy Interviews at Kingdomwood
EY TV Show
EY Crew
EY Pro Logo
EY Gala Purple Carpet
EY Gala
EY Gala
EY Gala
EY TV Show
Express Yourself at Kingdomwood
EY Gala
EY Gala
Women of Comcast Magazine S

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